Playtime and presents from Daddy

The other day Daddy said he had a surprise for me. I was so excited to see what it was, I put my hair in two plaits – that’s how little girls are supposed to wear their hair, and I made sure I looked really cute for Daddy whilst I waited for him to get back from work.

When Daddy came to my bedroom and sat down on the bed, he handed me a little white bag. I tried to open it slowly but I ended up unwrapping the tissue paper excitedly like a child, it was the soft white cuddly snow bear toy I wanted!!!! I was so happy I sat on Daddy’s lap and gave him so many kisses and thanked him very politely. I was wearing a really tight sports top and leggings, and Daddy put his hand around my waist and squeezed me really tightly before saying “Why don’t you have playtime with both of your toys now princess?”. Daddy pushed me off the bed and pointed at the corner of my bedroom.

I crawled into the corner, now I had two toys to play with, my monkey and my bear, I felt like such a cute little girl. Daddy instructed me to tell a story with them, and to play loudly and properly like a good little girl. I felt really nervous doing this because I sounded so young and silly.

Anyway, I started telling a story about my teddies having a picnic, and I was moving around lots in the corner so I started to get quite hot. Daddy came to stand over me and told me I was getting a bit too excited so I needed to take my leggings off… he pulled them off of me and then placed my teddies back in my hands and told me to continue. With my back to Daddy now I felt quite vulnerable, I only had a tiny pair of panties on. I continued playing and I started to feel Daddy touch me slightly, in between my legs through my pink panties- but I knew to ignore it because a little girl never ever questions her Daddy, he can do what he wants with my body and I had to remind myself that.

I actually got really into playing with my toys, they were on a picnic and they’d just got lost in the woods… then I felt a really tight pain, as Daddy knelt down behind me and put his dick straight into my special hole…. my special hole is my butt because Daddy is the only one to ever get to use it. Daddy didn’t care how much he was hurting me, he just pulled on my plaits and pushed himself further inside of me.

I started whimpering and asking Daddy to stop because it hurt, but his only reply was “It’s Playtime princess, keep playing with your toys and let Daddy enjoy his playtime now”. So I did as I was told and continued to play, when I tried to speak more quietly Daddy started fucking me harder and telling me to “Speak up and play properly” so I just had to keep confidently playing with my toys in the corner of my bedroom, on my hands and knees whilst my Daddy used me. I started crying as he got more rough, and I used my teddies to mask my screaming as he pounded into me… it annoys Daddy when I make lots of fuss.

Daddy gave no warning as he came, he just came deep inside of me, pulled out, and then sat back on the bed and buckled up his belt. Then he told me “You can have cuddles once you’ve finished your story; and don’t make a mess on the carpet”. I finished my story with my teddies, and stayed still for a moment as I felt my Daddy’s warm cum drip out of my tiny butt hole into my panties.


After I had playtime with my toys sat on the blanket by daddy’s feet, Daddy said I could sit on the grown up sofa and have cuddles before bedtime.

That was my favourite thing ever as daddy stroked my hair as I cuddled my two favourite toys. Daddy said he was proud of me for how well I took my punishment, and he said that he hoped he wouldn’t have to do something like that again.

I assured him I would never ever use grown up rude words. Daddy got me my sippy cup full of warm milk and honey, and I cuddled up to him whilst I had my bedtime drink.

I needed to go for a pee pee, but Daddy took hold of my hand straight away and led me to the bathroom. I kept saying I could go like a big girl but daddy said he would watch and see if I was capable of going alone next time. Daddy doesn’t really give me any privileges like privacy, only grown up girls get that, not little girls like me.

Once I finished peeing daddy made me stand up whilst he wiped me, and then he pulled up my pink pyjama shorts. I kind of liked the feeling of him touching my princess parts. I looked at my blushing face in the bathroom mirror and felt so little and embarrassed.

Then Daddy said it was my bedtime, he got my toys and tucked me into bed, I love it when he does that. He kissed my forehead, and turned the lights out. I asked Daddy to come to bed too, but adults stay up later than little girls so I knew I should just go to sleep. I was so tired from my punishment and all the crying anyway.

I was asleep, led on my front with a cuddly toy in both my hands. I think it was daddy’s time to go to bed, but daddy didn’t go straight to sleep.

I don’t exactly know what Daddy did because I was so sleepy, but I felt him touching my teen body, I think I looked cute in my pyjamas, he felt inside my shorts; I had no panties on. I wriggled around a bit as I felt Daddy on top of me, he told me sternly that I should be asleep, it was past my bedtime. Then I suddenly felt Daddy spit on my special hole, and it really really hurt as I felt Daddy slide his dick into my butt. He didn’t say anything when he did this. I started begging daddy to be gentle and he just put his hand over my mouth and whispered in my ear telling me it’s Daddy’s playtime now, so I needed to be quiet and respectful.

I was still kind of sleepy, so I held onto my teddies really tightly and closed my eyes as I felt Daddy fuck my body so hard, I wanted to cry but I knew he would get annoyed at me for making noise, so I stayed quiet and still like a good little girl as he abused my body.

Once Daddy was done he pulled out of me, put the covers back over my body, and told me that I better go back to sleep.

Secrets of a Little Princess

This blog will follow the ideas and experiences I have shared with my Daddy. I’m a very lucky teen with a Daddy twice my age, and I wanted to share the secret things we get up to…

ddlgbdsm – humiliation 

A Little Girl with a Potty Mouth

I’d been rude all day, I used bad language a number of times, and my attitude was awful. 

I turned up at Daddy’s House 20 minutes late, and when I walked through the door and put my bag down, my colouring pencils and toys went all over the floor. Daddy was extremely unimpressed. 

I asked Daddy politely if I could shower and make myself look cute for him, but he pulled me into the kitchen and said that I could have a shower when Daddy decided, not when I decide. He told me to bend over the table, and as I did he pulled up my dress and touched my princess parts through my tights. 

Daddy needed to check my holes to see that nobody else had touched me in those places, especially daddy’s special hole.  I felt really uncomfortable and I tried to move out of the position Daddy had put me in, which made him start to get quite rough and angry with me. 

Daddy had a very stressful day at work, and as his princess I should have been helping him relax, not turning up late, swearing and being a brat. Daddy spanked me really hard and I tried to hit him back, but he hit me much harder and I led on the floor shaking and feeling very stupid as he took off my dress. He stared at my squirming naked little body for a moment before picking me up from the floor with a handful of my hair, reminding me about my behaviour, and how many times I had used bad language towards him…. which was about 5 times in the past couple of days. 

I asked again if I could have a shower and before I knew it Daddy was dragging me along the floor to the bathroom. He opened up the shower door and pushed me in. I crawled in and stared up at Daddy. He said, “Do you know what happens to little girls who have potty mouths?” And I shook my head, I didn’t know, but then as Daddy started to undo his zip on his trousers, I started thinking maybe girls with potty mouths get treated like very dirty girls. 

I started begging daddy to just let me shower and then I’d come and suck his cock and make it up to him, but he reminded me how many times I’ve been punished for my language with soap, and I clearly need something a bit more intense in order to teach me a lesson. 

I was instructed to turn to face the wall, Daddy stroked my long hair and complimented me on how cute and straight it looked- which I did especially for Daddy. A couple of seconds later I felt warm water go over the back of my hair, and down my back. Daddy pulled me to face him and I curled up into a tiny ball on the floor of the shower. Daddy was actually peeing all over me, and as I looked up to face him it was as if he was about to pee directly in my mouth. I begged and begged him to stop, but he reminded me how this is the type of treatment potty mouths deserve. I buried my head in between my knees and started crying as Daddy continued to pee over me, it felt like hours, the warm pee went all over my hair and in my mouth, and dripped down my body until I was sat in a puddle of my Daddy’s piss. Daddy said, “Right now clean yourself up and then you can come and suck my cock” and he turned on the shower and slammed the door shut. 

The water was freezing cold, and the shower head was directly over my body. I physically couldn’t move, I felt the true meaning of humiliation. I didn’t want to look at him, standing there and watching me as I curled up tighter into a little ball. I literally wanted to hide, I felt so embarrassed and pathetic. Daddy knew exactly how to make me feel powerless, like I was just Daddy’s little girl to abuse and play with, and punish when he was feeling mean. I finally stood up and pressed myself against the shower wall to get away from the water, and I screamed at Daddy to beg him to make it warmer. After a couple of seconds he opened the shower door and changed it. I stood into the warm shower, still smelling of pee, and had to tell myself to breathe in and out slowly, as I tried to calm myself down from sobbing so much. 

Once I finished washing my hair and body, I got out the shower to see Daddy had put out my pink pyjamas and towel, and his dressing gown. 

I started to dry myself as Daddy came in, I still couldn’t look at him in the eyes I felt so embarrassed, but he was really kind and said he’d help his little girl. Daddy wrapped me in the towel and then dried me everywhere, and in between my legs and by daddy’s special hole. I stood there feeling degraded and little, but it felt nice that Daddy was taking care of me. I put my arms up and daddy put my pyjamas on and then his big dressing gown, and held my hand to take me to the living room. 

Even though I’d just been humiliated and pissed on, walking into the living room I felt like the luckiest little girl ever. Daddy put my blanket down in front of the heater, there were two huge pillows and all of my toys on the floor on the blanket with my colouring books too. Daddy sat me down, put his hand through my damp hair and said, “Now you’re going to sit here for a bit and think about your behaviour so that you don’t get punished for being a potty mouth again”, and he went to sit on the grown-up sofa away from me on the floor.